There’s been an accident

I never saw Green Zone.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It wasn’t because I thought it was going to be bad.  I’ve already reviewed Legion and From Paris With Love, and obviously Green Zone wasn’t going to top those two.  In fact, I get the feeling the movie might actually be good, if you’re into that sort of thing.  I just wasn’t interested in it at all.  Even that probably wouldn’t have stopped me, but I took a look at what the subway had in store for me over the next month and knew something had to be done.

Remember Me, Date Night, Why Did I Get Married Too.  If I followed my self-imposed rules, I would likely be forced to see all three of those movies.  Unacceptable.  Seeing bad movies was all well and good when they were nerdy, but three consecutive rom-coms is something I just can’t do.  And under no circumstance will I pay money to see Tyler Perry. 

The system needs to be tweaked.  I thought about giving myself a once-a-month exemption to be used at an independent theater, calling at a “stoney save” or something.  But even that is just a band-aid.  When there are all these great theaters in and around the east village, why am I consistently going to the lameass Regal in Union Square?  Why did I review Cop Out but not A Single Man or Creation, two movies I saw around the same time that were much, much better?  It just doesn’t make sense. 

I still want to review one movie per week, but if I’m going to keep this up it needs to be a movie I want to see, or am at least vaguely interested in.  The subways simply cannot provide me that.  It was an interesting idea, but I don’t have enough money or time to see the movies I want to see and the movies I don’t want to see.  If I have to choose, I’ll pick the ones I want to see.  Obviously, Its not a hard choice.

This doesn’t mean all the movies I see will be good, or even that I want them to be.  I’ve had this on my google calendar for 3 months, so obviously I’m not on an art-house high horse.


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