The Best Trailer I’ve Ever Seen

Uh, yes please!  I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if this movie doesn’t kick ass.  This is what I want.  Right here.  My boy OMD tipped me off a while back.  Then, whilst viewing Black Swan ce soir (Too late to review.  NOT!  Coming soon!), I was once again treated to this masterpiece.  I loves me some trailers.  I think this is the best non-LOTR trailer I’ve ever seen.  I should give them a stoney award.  Actually, come to think of it, I really should issue 2010 stoneys.  Maybe I’ll do that.  If so, expect Macgruber to be highly decorated.  More so than Legion?  Tune in to find out!

So yeah, The Tree of Life.  Drops in May.  Get excited with me.  Written and directed by Terry Malick.  He’s awesome, right?  Although I can’t say The New World looked very good.  Anyone see that?  Help a brother out?

That name again is Tree Of Life (Mr. Plow)



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2 responses to “The Best Trailer I’ve Ever Seen

  1. Big Hatt

    How hard was your boner when Pitt was talking about fierce will?

  2. Adam

    Pitt has the golden touch and I like that you can’t put him in any one category. This movie looks pretty cool, but what’s it about?

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