The 2010 Stoney Award Nominees!

Is it possible Charlie Wax will be snubbed at the stoney awards?

OK gang, its that time of year again (for the first time).  No need to dance around it.  Let’s get to the cock. 

Best Picture: Shutter Island, MacGruber, Inception, Greenberg, True Grit, The Kings Speech

Worst Picture: Legion, From Paris With Love, Season of the Witch, Copout, A-Team, Hereafter

Best Lead Actor/Actress: Will Forte- MacGruber, Mia Wasikowska- Alice In Wonderland, Jeff Bridges- True Grit, Natalie Portman- Black Swan, Hailee Steinfeld- True Grit, Greta Gerwig- Greenberg

Best Supporting Actor/Actress: Matt Damon- True Grit, Nic Cage- Kick Ass, Barbara Hershey- Black Swan, Hugo Weaving- The Wolfman, Christian Bale- The Fighter, Geoffrey Rush- The King’s Speech

Worst Lead Actor/Actress: Jonathan Rhys Meyers- From Paris With Love, Lucas Black- Legion, Dany Boon- Micmacs, Mary Louise Parker- Red, Jessica Biel- The A-Team, Bradley Cooper- The A-Team

Worst Supporting Actor/Actress: Gemma Atterton- Clash of the Titans, Michael Sheen- Tron: Legacy, Tyrese- Legion, Kevin Pollack- Cop Out, Frankie and George McLaren- Hereafter, Ben Barnes- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Best Director: Christopher Nolan- Inception, the Coen Brothers- True Grit, Martin Scorcese- Shutter island, Tom Hooper- The King’s Speech, Tim Burton- Alice In Wonderland, Ben Affleck- The Town (just kidding)

Worst Director: Kevin Smith- Cop Out, Ridley Scott- Robin Hood, Louis Leterrier- Clash of the Titans, The Hughes Brothers- The Book of Eli, Paul Haggis- The Next Three Days, Pierre Morel- From Paris With love

Best Aesthetic: The Wolfmin, Alice in Wonderland, Tron, Inception, Shutter Island, Micmacs

I’ll be awarding a gold, silver and bronze stoney for each category, Olympics-style.  I merged the “actor” and “actress” awards because I only saw and reviewed 30 movies this year, so I felt like splitting the genders diluted the field somewhat.  There will also be a few special awards for….outstanding achievement….in the feld of…..excellence. 

I’ll give you the weekend to ponder and consider.  The results drop Monday.



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11 responses to “The 2010 Stoney Award Nominees!

  1. Oh no. You liked Inception? Noooooo. Hated Greenberg too which sucked because I really wanted to like it. I like Shutter Island until the end where it copped out and decided that it wanted to suck instead. Ohhhhhh surprise ending.

    I hate any kind of “it was all a dream” ending to any movie almost as much as I hate the “leave what really happened up in the air” kind of movie. I feel like it waters down the consequences of the choices we saw the actor making in the movie.

    With you on True Grit though. That movie was bad ass.

    If you haven’t seen Let Me In, do so pronto. Very well done. I liked it even more than the original Let The Right One In, though I liked the original title better.

    • Big Hatt

      I thought Inception was excellent. It’s likely to take home a few medals.

      I actually wanted to dislike Greenberg and ended up liking it. The plot may have been simple, but Greta Gerwig, Rhys Ifans and Ben Stiller were all great characters.

      re: Shutter Island

      This basically mirrors our Black Swan discussion with us on opposite ends. I actually sort of liked Shutter Island’s ending because I felt like it wrapped everything up with decent clarity. We knew what had been real and what hadn’t, we knew why it was like that, and we knew exactly how everything ended up. I didn’t walk out with any complaints. In fact I found the moral open-endedness of it mentally stimulating.

      Will check out Let Me In. Right now if its available for purchase on demand. I ain’t doin’ shit tonight.

  2. Beans

    Ok, I’m going to take a day or two and review these nominations prior to voting. I have to say though, I wasn’t completely shocked when I read Affleck’s name under Best Director. Sure, he didn’t do as good of a job as the nominees, but honestly, wouldn’t he fit better in Best Director than Worst Director? That alone is a great accomplishment for the man who once starred in “Daredevil”. Methinks your favorite joke of “I prefer Affleck” has run out of fuel Hatt.

    Damon vs. Bale in Best Supporting… that one is going to be tough son.

    I have not seen The King’s Speech, and I feel like that will horribly taint my votes.

    • Big Hatt

      The Town wasn’t bad, but it was a definite step back for Affleck the director. He made some pretty obvious mistakes. I had such high hopes.

      This ain’t no democracy, Beans. There will be no voting.

      See King’s Speech.

  3. Radius

    I’m glad you liked King’s Speech, I loved it. It’s one of those movies that I don’t think most of our crew embraces That should get an Oscar for sound(don’t even know if it was nominated) because it captured the sheer terror of what he was going through. It narrowly beat out True Grit for my fave. My favorite inconsequential side character: Bear Man from True Grit.

    • Big Hatt

      I really would’ve liked to hand out stoneys for sound, but I didn’t feel up to the task. I forget too much of that if I haven’t seen the movie very recently.

      King’s Speech was excellent. As was Bear Man (in a very different way). What a bizarre character. At the time I assumed it was a throwback to the original, but I’ve heard that isn’t the case? Weird, wild stuff.

  4. The Centaur

    these are exciting times. i just saw singlemin and i’m amped for kings speech. might be a solo trip to the theatre. perhaps a valentines day viewing???

    • Big Hatt

      Singlemin was definitely one of my top 5 favorite movies this year. The problem is I saw it back when this was still a “subway movies” project, and that movie wasn’t advertised in the subway, so I never reviewed it. My brain obsesses over trivial stuff like that. In the end, I didn’t feel like I could include it in the stoney awards. Its a shame, because it would’ve received several nominations and probably taken home a medal or two.

  5. The Centaur

    and what a screen shot from paris

  6. Sweetims’ Treatums to watch in 2010:

    Best Pic:

    Worst Pic:
    Legion (My feelings for Paris W/Love are just too complicated…best pic? most enjoyable movie experience of 2010?)

    Best Lead Actor:
    Jeff Bridges

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Write In: John Hawkes; Winter’s Bone
    This guys is amazing in Winter’s Bone. He gets it done in a lot of tv & film (Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, American Gangster) but this performance was really something.

    Worst Lead Actor:
    Lucas Black (crazy bad performance)

    Worst Supporting Actor:

    Best Director:
    Chris Nolan

    Worst Director:
    Louis Letterier…awful film

    Best Aesthetics:
    Inception (I would also give Inception the nod for best music)

  7. bormz

    Jonah Hex was my worst experience in a theater since The Mist; second worst ever even. (Sorry, Deep Blue Sea, that makes you number three.)

    Inception may well’ve ruined my life. I love it.

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